Guest Blog: The Importance of Interviews


Here is a guest blog from my classmate, Meg. Check out her blog here:

Internships are crucial, especially in today’s competitive society. It is a good idea to find out what you want in a position before you graduate and have no clue. Unfortunately, I have never loved any of my internships. I am happy I realized this now, instead of finding out in “the real world”. Lately, it has become apparent that networking is one of the most powerful tools. It is important to build your networks. Sometimes it appears that we are constantly in competition with our colleagues. In actuality, I believe that these people are the most important people to have in our networks. Yes, my internship was not for me, but I might know someone who would have loved it. Networking with our colleagues is beneficial.

Here are Five Tips to consider before your next interview:

  1. Think strategically and provide genuine responses.
  2. Don’t over predict your career path and be open minded to any new opportunities.
  3. Network, Network, Network!
  4. Radiate positive and upbeat energy.
  5. Ask the interviewer questions to illustrate interest within the position.

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